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Role: Product Designer

Company: Skylight

Client: AF Human Systems Division (HSD)

Timeframe: 1 year


  • 1x Product Manager

  • 1x Junior Product Designer

  • 6x Software Engineers


  • UI/UX Design

  • User Research

  • Marketing

  • Stakeholder Management

The Problem

Many users expressed that they don't want to use GearFit due to it's complicated login process.

Our Goal

Ensure users are aware of and use GearFit to provide their gear feedback.



First, we conducted in-person user interviews in order to understand a few things:

- What is their experience?

- How long does it take?

- Why is it painful to them?

- What devices and systems are they using?

- How do they prefer to login?



Now, we just had to get the word out there! 

Marketing techniques:

- Top-down messaging

- Social media forums

- Targeted emails 

- Leveraged user champions

- In-person events & conferences

- Post a message in the AF Portal



Fortunately, this was solved for us as we were forced to switch platforms.


The new AWS CloudOne Platform allowed for a quick and easy access token authentication experience that our users were used to.



Finally, we needed to confirm with users that the login experience is no longer a barrier to entry.

We achieved validation by:

- Conducted remote interviews

- Followed up with previous users from step 1

- Asked for login experience feedback in marketing materials

In the 6 months following the completion of the re-platform, user engagement was up 2700% 😲

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